Construction of Odense Data Center proceeds

In Denmark a new huge data center is now being built in the city of Odense.

 In the first week of 2018 another truck with LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipes arrived at the job-site in Odense

The Odense Data Center will have an area of 184.000 m2 and include a unique solution on how to optimize the overall energy efficiency. 

Renewable wind energy will power the hyper-efficient hardware, outdoor air will be used to cool down and the excess heat generated by the servers will be recycled into the district heating system in Odense.

When the facility goes into operation the excess heat can as example heat 6.900 homes. Thereby substituting other energy sources and support the overall reductions of CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency was also considered for the internal pipe system and connection to the district heating network in Odense operated by Fjernvarme Fyn.

Therefore the decision was to use the energy efficient pipe systems and solutions from LOGSTOR.

The project in total includes more than 3,5 km of single and TwinPipe up to DN 700 mm, electric welded BandJoints and installation of a LOGSTOR Detect system. The LOGSTOR Detect system will ensure a flawless operation of the heating network and prolonge the lifetime of the system.

Construction of the pipe network is carried out by our customer Barslund A/S. It started last year and continues into 2018.