Heat and cold insulation in Downstream

We develop solutions to solve energy efficiency problems in all downstream environments and any type or size of plants and facilities. We can apply our expertise to new facilities, extensions, large-scale projects and maintenance work.

We are experts in insulating and equipping industrial and onshore facilities. High-quality thermal insulation limits heat and cold loss and minimizes temperature reduction when fluids are being transported.

We handle both heat and cold insulation techniques in the Oil & Gas segment. Our research and development activities, products and systems allow us to work in Downstream Sector being ahead of our competitors. Technical skills, specialized knowledge, a comprehensive understanding of the customer's needs are our key factor.

Areas of application for heat insulation are refineries, the petrochemical and chemical industry, Sulphur plants, steam lines, natural gas storage tanks, biomass plants and environmental technology. Cold insulation comes into play in LNG and ethylene plants, cryogenic storage, CO2 plants, gas liquefaction plants and piping. 


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InsuPipe® 140

InsuPipe® 140

The LOGSTOR InsuPipe® 140 is an onshore thermal insulation system for pipelines to mainttain a constant operating temperature of 140°C for the complete lifetime of the system - 30 years. The system is designed to be cost-effective, with end-to-end features and moisture surveillance to maintain integrity over the lifetime of the pipeline.

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