With the LOGSTOR TCO Tool, the Total Cost of Ownership is calculated on all possible choices of pre-insulated pipe system networks where dimensions and duct meters are predefined. The Total Cost of Ownership calculation includes the heat loss cost over the period as well as the investment cost in the pre-insulated pipe system, installation and excavation work. Installation and excavation work are stated as estimated prices, and can therefore be adjusted by using a different factor. Thus, the Total Cost of Ownership on a particular piping system can be calculated in relation to the following possible choices:

• Single pipe

• TwinPipe

• Series 1, 2 and 3

• Pre-insulated pipes with or without diffusion barrier to ensure unchanged lambda value 

The user defines assumptions such as flow and return temperature, soil temperature, period for the calculation, interest rate, energy price. It is possible to make a comparison between two selected systems and calculate Return of Investment.

For further questions or assistance, please contact our Product & Academy Manager Peter Jorsal - pjo@logstor.com 


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