By the use of GIS-data to describe your district heating network, Pipe Invest provides an initial overview of your data displayed as a Renovation Index on an interactive and colour-coded map.

However, we value your experience and opinions which is why the data are always supplemented with your insight through calibration of parameters such as quality of pipes, energy loss, joints, physical condition and an overall baseline to depict your district heating network rightfully.

After your data are integrated and calibrated, Pipe Invest offers an economic overview of your district heating network, where it is possible to make budgetary scenarios to forecast your future renovation and maintenance projects.

The goal with Pipe Invest is to provide you with a more precise presentation of your district heating network, which can assist you throughout your organisation - from the operational level to the board of directors.

Key features

  • A visual, user friendly, interactive, and colour-coded map presentation of your district heating network.
  • A diverse calculation matrix used to analyze your data based on a broad range of parameters and indexations.
  • A responsive slider layout used throughout the platform for data calibration and budgetary scenarios.
  • A direct and easy overview of future capex investments – or potential consequences if no action is taken.

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