The biggest pipes ever to be installed in Latvia, and we made it happen

This summer, a remarkable pipe installation took place in the center of Riga!

The capital of Latvia continues to expand its District Heating network with no less than 1 km of pipes in DN1200/1400, thereby making them the biggest pipes ever to be installed in Latvia.

For the last three decades, Riga Siltums has been one of our key customers in Latvia and they have chosen LOGSTOR as a partner for this important project. The BandJoint installation (ø1400) was completed by our local representative SIA-BEK Konsult, who prior to the installation has attended an extended and thorough training session in the usage of both WeldMaster and the Foaming machine, facilitated by LOGSTOR Academy and our Service Department team.

Responsible sales person: Tommy Lorenzen in close cooperation with our local distributor SIA-BEK Kosult.