A large, nationwide project saw introduction of the requirement that all holiday homes in Sweden must be linked to a water/sewer system. There are 750,000 holiday homes in Sweden, of which 420,000 have already been connected. The challenge for the remaining homes was largely a matter of location: many of them are to be found in the Swedish hills and mountains. At such locations, there is typically only limited space for pipelines, given that the holiday home areas themselves are generally compact.

Another challenge is the weather: the solution chosen must be stable and efficient in areas susceptible to the effects of frost. The last – and perhaps most important – challenge has to do with transporting clean water through pipes without the risk of bacteria forming.

LOGSTOR A/S has delivered a complete pipe system for both water and wastewater for 27 holiday homes in the Udevalla area of Sweden. LOGSTOR is a first-mover in this three-dimensional solution: LOGSTOR UPipe. The dynamic element of the UPipe system is a preinsulated pipe featuring a combined water/wastewater solution – water in the supply flow and wastewater in the return flow, with a built-in alarm system.

It is a system designed for burying at a depth of 52 cm. The UPipe solution has made it much quicker and easier to connect holiday houses in areas located in the hills and mountains.

This revolutionary solution is easy to install, with minimal impact on the ground surface and the environment. Compared with excavation work for conventional pipes, UPipe installation can be completed with fewer and lighter excavators.

Another benefit is the alarm system embedded in the pipes. LOGSTOR Detect is a complete concept for pipe surveillance, with a view to collecting and interpreting data concerning the condition of the water and the wastewater, and to analysing which maintenance initiatives need to be implemented to prevent critical situations arising.

In addition to these benefits, UPipe features the lowest energy consumption compared to any other system.

Customer statement: “… the solution is both flexible and robust. The low energy consumption and the fast installation make UPipe truly remarkable. The surveillance system is without doubt a practical, time-saving benefit.”

The project has now been completed and rated a great success.