LOGSTOR Detect takes surveillance to the next level

CNL equals intelligent surveillance of district heating pipe systems. This surveillance method helps limit damages, has a preventative effect and extends the service life of the piping network.

The CNL surveillance detector monitors the pipe systems via the NiCr wires embedded in the insulation, and as a new feature, LOGSTOR offers its customers their own detectors.

An additional feature is our XTool that is able to manage measurements of both Nordic and NiCr alarm wires. This distinguishing advantage saves both time and money for our customers.

CNL is available in two versions depending on the pipe system and the requirements for monitoring:

CNL 1 - Detection of moisture and wire break
CNL 2 - Detection of moisture and wire break as well as location of error location

For more detailed information about how the CNL monitors the pipe systems with remarkable precision, go to www.logstor.com/documentation, and find the product sheets on CNL1 and CNL2.