Oil companies

New standards for the oil industry

Oil production is placing higher and higher demands on the pipe solutions used to transport the oil. With the best products in the sector, LOGSTOR is in a position to deliver solutions that set new global standards for quality, surveillance and mobility. LOGSTOR’s versatile production facilities allow the company to manufacture and deliver all global projects precisely where the solution is to be installed.

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Gas companies

More than 30 years of service life and operational savings

Pipe solutions for the gas industry typically involve huge projects that demand a good helping of know-how and insight into the scope of the contract. On account of their sheer scope, gas projects demand delivery reliability down to the smallest detail, as this is of crucial importance to the overall installation costs. With LOGSTOR’s guarantee for the best service life in the sector – and minimal operational shut-downs – the end customer can be sure of the biggest total savings as well.

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Customer’s guarantee of the best solution in the sector

Consultants on projects in the oil and gas industry need technical 360-degree insight into the complete pipe solution so that they can guide the end customer towards the best choice. LOGSTOR is well aware that the best business and pipe solutions go hand in hand when the optimal solution depends on a combination of installation costs, service life and operation. The lowest service life costs guarantee you and the end customer the best pipe solutions for oil and gas in the sector. 

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When punctual delivery is paramount

Perhaps more than anyone else, contractors are aware that time is money. Major oil and gas projects are comprehensive ‘jigsaw puzzles’ where punctual delivery is absolutely crucial to a successful outcome. LOGSTOR products have been refined to ensure that contractors can work with the lowest total installation costs in the sector. LOGSTOR pipe solutions are always delivered on time; they are the easiest to assemble, and they provide the best possible solution for oil and gas projects both onshore and offshore.  

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