We keep our business running and we are available for you!

Dear customer,

As the world stands united in an attempt to control and ultimately beat the Covid-19 virus, we are continuously following all health and safety regulations and recommendations from authorities, while supporting our customers in the best way possible.

We are still here to serve and support you
Despite the current situation, we are fully operational worldwide and we keep the business running. We keep receiving many orders, our production is fully booked and we still deliver large amount of pipes to our customers.

During these uncertain times, we may experience factors challenging our business, therefore we have taken proactive steps by creating a task force to monitor conditions and execute the best supply chain and risk management.  

The status and impact of Covid-19 is very different from one country to another, therefore we are closely following developments in the various requirements and guidance of the local authorities.

Consequently, we are taking steps to assure deliveries to ongoing and future projects by a relentless focus on sourcing of material, steady work in all of our factories and smooth transportation.

Our entire customer service, technical support and sales team is ready to assist you in any way possible. So, should you have any questions or challenges, do not hesitate to contact us.

Most of our colleagues are now working from home, thus conducting business in a safe manner. Safety and responsible working environment is very important to us, and it signifies continuous operation and excellent customer service.

All LOGSTOR employees are doing an amazing job! In these challenging times, they are dedicated to meet the individual needs of our customers and they make sure that our business is still running!

Remember that we are here for you; always fully available, on the phone, Skype and e-mail, ready to serve our customers and partners. 

Doing business with us is safe, even at a distance. Let’s keep doing business together apart!