An update on our delivery situation

May 18, 2022


Update on delivery situation


District Heating is growing significantly across Europe for the benefit of the consumers and environment, and due to our robust supply chain, we have been able to manage the availability constraints of raw materials used in Kingspan’s LOGSTOR product suite for pre-insulated pipe systems.

Unfortunately, we have received a formal Force Majeure notification from BASF Polyurethanes GmbH („BASF”), a key supplier of Polyether Polyols and Polyurethane Systems, which is used in a limited range of items in our insulation system.

We have been in close dialog with the management of BASF, and in the interests of full visibility we have to inform customers that orders placed with LOGSTOR may be affected by such Force Majeure situation. You will be contacted directly by your LOGSTOR contact person if this is the case, who will inform you specifically about the consequences for your deliveries. We can assure you that we are investigating the matter carefully, and are of course doing our outmost to explore all reasonable mitigation possibilities, to reduce the consequences of this unfortunate situation as much as possible.

Generally across all our supply chain cost have increased due to the current geopolitical situation. The raw material market continues to be volatile and in combination with increasing energy and transportation costs, price increase of 4% will be effective for all Kingspan LOGSTOR products June 1, 2022.


For more information, please contact our Chief Commercial Officer Andrzej Krämer -