We claim that the LOGSTOR TCO Tool is easy to use, while ensuring your investment and environmental interest. But what do you think?

We hereby invite you to a dialogue about the tool, thereby demonstrating how we ensure that the right choice has been made in relation to the CO2 emission and to the increasing energy prices.

As a market leader, it is our duty to aim for a sustainable future with energy optimization in focus. In a world full of debates about climate, energy efficiency and dependency of energy sources, we face the challenge of making a difference for the future generations.

This justifies the need to make the right choices – THINK SMARTER WITH US!

The picture below demonstrates a selection of our Danish sales force, which is only a phone call away and is more than ready to review the TCO Tool with you! So do not hesitate and book a meeting today rather than tomorrow.

We are ready to do this in all countries, so to get in touch with the global sales force, visit our website for contact information -

To get in touch with our TCO Tool experts, please contact Peter Jorsal - + 45 99 66 11 05 / or Bjarne K. Jepsen - +45 99 66 15 60 /

We are looking forward to hear from you!