The Vinca project

The Konjarnik heating plant located in the city of Belgrade, Serbia, has become a part of a large investment project within the construction of a heating pipeline in the Belgrade suburb Vinča, with LOGSTOR as one of the key business partners.

The project is comprehensive, however, in its simplicity, the main goal is a construction of a district heating transmission pipe line for the transfer of heat energy between future combined heat and power generation plant in Vinča to the Konjarnik heating plant.

Even though the project is in its preparation state, we have already started deliveries of the 18 km DN600 pipes. In order to secure the installation success, we have joined forces with our local representatives Konvar and Energy Plus, who have supported us in gaining a strong foothold in the Serbian market.

This amazing project commences in 2020 and is to be realized by the end of 2021.

Are you curious for more information about this project, please reach out to our Regional Sales Manager (Balkans), Andrei Ovidiu Bita -