Shift in management at LOGSTOR Academy

After 24 years of dedication and loyal service, Claus F. Hansen has chosen to retire, thus entrusting his place to Erik Toelberg.

Throughout the years, Claus has been a huge asset to LOGSTOR, which also, through internal and external courses, resulted in strong LOGSTOR relationships worldwide - from Greenland and Canada to Hong Kong and Uruguay. With great enthusiasm, Claus has always explained to our customers the importance of LOGSTOR's excellent products, and the importance of using certified installers. Furthermore, Claus has expanded our course material and courses - last with our new course in extruder welding. 

In the enclosed, you will find a description of LOGSTOR Academy and the department's plans for the future - including the shift to the new leader Erik Toelberg.

LOGSTOR Academy - UK