Delivering on our promises demands professional project management

Delivering on our promises demands professional project management

LOGSTOR systems create value for our customers, and delivering on our values really begins when execution starts. Therefore, LOGSTOR gives high priority to project management with Project Manager Carsten Als as one of the key persons to make flawless execution possible.

A key objective is to fulfill any agreement and contract, satisfy the customer and at the same time ensure the calculated result for LOGSTOR. When it comes to major and/or complex projects, it is time to appoint a Project Manager.  

“The first task as a Project Manager is to get an overview of the conditions we have agreed on. Even the most comprehensive contract cannot consider all details, why contact to the responsible sales person or the customer is often needed. Next step is to arrange internal kick-off meeting. All functions and persons who will be involved in the project participate with the intention to discuss, coordinate and agree upon the plan for project handling. The plan is important; but most important is the planning process, as something unplanned will probably happen thereby making changes to the plan inevitable,” says Carsten.

The way to success is teamwork. Every person in the project team contributes with experience and competence. This goes all the way from product design, network design, sourcing, quality, planning, production, handling on stock and loading, transport, unloading, order handling, installation on job-site, payment from customer and in all phases also keeping an eye on any legal aspects.

“My role as Project Manager is also to be able to identify any challenge before it turns into a serious problem. To find the right solutions, I have to depend on my colleagues, who are specialists in their own individual areas. To keep them informed is a must; but also keeping them motivated, when things become difficult is a necessity for me as well as a part of my job,” says Carsten.

The projects managed by Carsten during the last two years include two major projects in Germany and Sweden. Currently, he is planning execution of the next deliveries for a transmission line for Netherlands. In addition, Carsten is involved in a range of solar heating plants in different countries.

Carsten has been a LOGSTOR employee since 1989, where he started his career in transport followed by tender execution and finally he became Project Manager for Oil&Gas projects in Europe, Canada and Asia. Over the years, he has gained a broad insight in all LOGSTOR processes, and is a person who knows something about everything. A skill indeed needed in his current position which Carsten accomplished by seeing, doing and being part of the processes.

 “Every project is different,” says Carsten, “and it is always exiting to face new challenges and to solve them in cooperation with colleagues and customers. Our customers become more and more professional, and the conditions in contracts are often rather tough. In my experience, LOGSTOR develops its staff and their competence in parallel to the demand from our customers. We are well prepared for the future and to make win-win situations with our customers possible.”

Currently, Carsten is involved with many solar heating projects, so it is only natural for him to love the sun. Also, in his free time, Carsten is a big admirer of the sun and spends as much time outside as possible, and when the spring sun starts to shine, Carsten is the first to show a nice suntanned face among his colleagues.    

Photos: Carsten at his desk. Coordination with all involved means many hours handling e-mails and phone calls / To be sure that the pipes we deliver is in accordance with specifications etc. visits to stock and job-sites is a part of project management.