Value that extends lifetime of the district heating net

Value that extends lifetime of the district heating net

Normally a district heating network is placed underground and invisible to the eye. The more important it is to surveil the system, identify any possible faults before they develop into real faults, to keep the heating supply running and to prolong the lifetime of the pipe system. The LOGSTOR Detect system makes this possible and our man that brings this value to our customers in Switzerland, France and Italy is Alain Routier, Area Sales Manager for the Verbier Area in Switzerland and specialist when it comes to LOGSTOR Detect.

“I was introduced to LOGSTOR Detect back in 2011 when we in Switzerland delivered the first system for a project in Verbier and from the very beginning I recognized the value that it brings to our customers. At the same time I was curious to know all about the technology behind” says Alain. This was his starting point towards his job today that include sales activities for LOGSTOR Detect to major customers also in France and Italy.

LOGSTOR Detect takes full advantages of the possibilities in digitalization. The continuously monitoring has been known for decades and now the digital technology has made it possible to map, file, communicate via Internet and cloud technology and evaluate the huge amount of data and transfer it into knowledge about the physical status of the network. Thereby creating a better basis for decisions on maintenance and preventative actions, securing supply of heat to customers and prolonging the lifetime of the pipe system.

“Identification of customers challenges and identifying the better solutions in close co-operation with my customers have always thrilled me” says Alain “and having a second-to-none project such as LOGSTOR Detect makes it even more exiting and increase the success rate for me. It is also about going further than being supplier of pipe systems as we now take a more active part in the daily operation of the supply of heat and have the chance to create more satisfied and loyal customers”  

Placed in Verbier several big cities such as Milan, Lyon and Zürich are all within a few hours drive and therefore Alain is the right man, at the right place and also the timing seems perfect as the district heating utilities have more and more interest in maintaining a high performance of the network. Lately the district heating utility Unareti who is responsible for heating homes in more Italian cities among others Milan has decided to install LOGSTOR Detect.

The sales work in connection with LOGSTOR Detect is often a longer process over years and might start with a small part of the network as test and pilot project. In all cases the system has proved to fulfil the demands and expectations of the customer and the tests have been extended to cover bigger parts or even complete networks. As support Alain draws on expertise from Troels Hansen and his team in Service Department Denmark and on the local area sales managers to reach out to local customers. In the case of Unareti in Milan it also needed the involvement from Alessandro Laudanna.

Alain has a perfect background with more than twenty years of practical experience. Educated as engineer he worked for more than ten years as a consulting engineer mainly focused on pipe systems and contracting before he eight years ago joined LOGSTOR. As usual for Swiss it is also for Alain outdoor activities that have high priority when the work week has ended. The Alps surrounding his town give him good opportunities for skiing, biking or hiking depending on time of the year.