Press release: LOGSTOR becomes part of Kingspan Group

Today, Kingspan announces that the acquisition of LOGSTOR has been completed. LOGSTOR is now a part of a strong industrial leader with a passion for energy conservation and sustainability.

Kingspan today announced that the acquisition of LOGSTOR has been completed. All approvals from various European anti-trust authorities have been obtained and legal ownership is now in the hands of Kingspan.

The takeover of LOGSTOR ends 7 years of ownership with private equity company Triton building LOGSTOR into a successful business within District Energy.

Over the next months, LOGSTOR will officially change its name to Kingspan – however continue to use LOGSTOR as a product name to emphasize the quality and sustainability of a strong market leader in its field.

“We can now begin a new and exciting journey at LOGSTOR and take advantage of all the capabilities within Kingspan on superior insulation processes and a strong passion for environmental care. I am truly happy to have an industrial owner who is already a clear market leader for insulation of buildings. We are all looking forward to bring additional benefit to our customers.” says Kim Christensen, CEO LOGSTOR    

Kingspan is the world market leader in high performance insulation and building envelope solutions with a workforce of more than 15.500 people, with 166 manufacturing facilities and active in more than 70 countries.

For any press enquiries, please contact CEO Kim Christensen.

Contact to be made to VP, Group HR & Corporate Communication Torben Reimer on e-mail or telephone number +45 9966 1101. 


Market leader in pre-insulated pipes for District Energy and Industrial Applications
Revenue 244 mEUR
1200 Employees


Kingspan Group
Market leader in High Performance Insulation and Building Envelope Solutions
Revenue 4.6 bEUR
15500 Employees