New Design Manual

LOGSTOR is the supplier of the market’s most energy-efficient, preinsulated pipe systems for district heating which can operate trouble-free and ensure the lowest total costs during the entire service life of the pipe system.

A condition for this is that the pipe system is correctly designed as regards the loads and stresses the system is exposed to.
LOGSTOR’s customers have always been offered technical counselling and support by LOGSTOR in connection with designing their pipe system. A group of LOGSTOR’s most experienced technicians have now written down their knowledge in a comprehensive design manual which can be regarded as a textbook about static installation of district heating pipes.  
The design manual is based on the standard EN 13941 ”Design and installation of preinsulated bonded pipe systems for district heating” as well as LOGSTOR’s best practice.

The design manual has been drawn up so it should be easy to use and at the same time cover the complex technical requirements in EN 13941.
Transmission and distribution networks, designed on basis of LOGSTOR’s design manual will have a service life of minimum 30 years. The expected service life of the pipe system is however longer.
LOGSTOR’s technicians are at your service with guidance as to how to use the manual or with counselling in the exceptional cases where the design manual does not apply.

The published manual includes design rules for single pipe district heating systems, and a similar design manual for TwinPipes is in the making.
A new design manual about surveillance of pipe systems with LOGSTOR Detect is also in the making.
The design manual for TwinPipes and LOGSTOR Detect respectively will be published this spring.


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