Nantes, France: The district heating network spreads southward with LOGSTOR pipes.

Nantes, France: The district heating network spreads southward with LOGSTOR pipes.

Please find below TV spot and translation about District Heating Project in Nantes, France. 

"Traffic in both directions reduced to one carriageway and diversions on adjacent roads: the coming months are going to be difficult for those who use Boulevard du Général de Gaulle in Rezé. The road, which serves the Atout Sud area, will be affected by works on the heat network. This will be the third phase of works to extend the network: just under two miles of trenches will be dug to provide heating for users in Sud Loire.

"It's just like a domestic heating system. You have a flow circuit and a return circuit. So you can see that two pipes are going to be installed along Route de Pornic to supply energy via the flow circuit, serving users. And on the return circuit the water in the pipes returns to the heating plant to be reheated, so it can supply energy again. It's a closed loop that operates 24 hours a day."

In the metropolitan area, heat is generated by burning waste and will soon be generated by this plant, the construction of which is nearing completion, on the Prairie de Mauves. A second wood-burning plant of the same type will be built at Rezé.

"Providing heating is the most important thing and it also considerably reduces our greenhouse gas emissions, as we use the heat produced by burning waste. We'll also use the biomass heating plants that are currently being built, using wood from the region, which will thus provide a number of public facilities and housing with heating and hot water."

These heating plants will also be able to run on gas in an emergency. Works on Boulevard du Général de Gaulle are set to last until mid-June, so we'll have to be patient. In 2017, the heat network in the Nantes urban area will cover a total of just over 60 miles."