LOGSTOR TCO Tool; flip features to benefits!

After presenting the LOGSTOR TCO Tool practicalities, it seems natural to flip the features to benefits, and thus focus on the customer values. More specifically on WHY you should use our digital tool and how it will simplify your decision-making process.

The customer values are threefold.

The first and obvious one is the Total Cost of Ownership aspect ... !

✅️ The TCO Tool is an intuitive tool that guides you to the most optimal pre-insulated pipe solution based on your own project data.
✅️ The TCO tool takes into account investment costs for pre-insulated materials, excavation works, installation as well as operating costs for heat loss and carbon allowance.
The second is the financial aspect ... !

✅️ The TCO Tool provides an excellent overview of all possible pre-insulated pipe solutions with pay-back time and CAPEX/OPEX perspectives.
✅️ You can calculate with your own investment costs when making your comparison between two pre-insulated pipe solutions.
The last and equally important is the environmental aspect ... !

✅️ The TCO Tool guides you to the right environmental solution with CO2 emissions included in your calculations, thereby strengthening your CO2 footprint.
✅️ By shifting focus from short term to long term investment, you put sustainability in the front seat!
If you are curious for more, contact Peter Jorsal – peter.jorsal@kingspan.com / +45 99 66 11 05