LOGSTOR has found its way to the capital city of Canada

After 4 year of development and preparation, Ottawa (the capital of Canada) is now ready to continue its mission to accelerate towards a future net zero emission by installing pre-insulated pipes from LOGSTOR.

The ESAP project (Energy Services Acquisition Program) is modernizing the District Energy system, which provides heating and cooling services to over 80 federal buildings in the National Capital Region.

In cooperation with our Canadian distributor, Georg Fisher Urecon Ltd., LOGSTOR has monitored and supported the project during the entire development process. This paid off when we were selected as the preferred pre-insulated pipe supplier for the project during the tender process in 4Q.2020.

During the next three years, we will provide more than 30 km of pre insulated series 2 pipes, fittings and Band Joints in the dimensions ranging from DN 100 up to DN 700, thus having a total value of approx. +3 mill. €.

Additionally, ESAP has also decided to secure their asset over the next 50 years by installing the latest version of LOGSTOR Detect X6 leak detection system combined with our hosting solution.

The first pipes have already been installed under the strict supervision by our instructor Henrik Thomsen from LOGSTOR Academy, who has provided training to all contractors involved in the project.

This important project will continue throughout the next three years, hence serving as a great reference for the further development of District Energy in North America.
In the pictures:
LOGSTOR Academy: Henrik Thomsen
Sommerville Contractor: Auron Czajkowski
ESAP Project Director: Tomasz Smetny-Sowa
LOGSTOR CA rep.: jean laganiere