LOGSTOR Design Tool - an online calculation tool to fit your needs!

We have developed a new online calculation tool for design of pre-insulated pipe systems – single pipe as well as TwinPipe. The LOGSTOR Design Tool is applicable for calculation of stresses and expansions in accordance with the LOGSTOR Design Manuals.

Using LOGSTOR Design Tool ensures that the design complies with the requirements of the European Standard EN 13941.

With LOGSTOR Design Tool it is possible to:

  • quickly make an optimal and economical design of the pipe system,

  • calculate stress level and expansion as well as the required size and number of foam pads for L, Z and U loops,

  • design with bends at all angles,

  • calculate movements at branches, thus ensuring that expansion is absorbed in accordance with our manuals.

Go to http://calc.logstor.com and log in to LOGSTOR Calculator - if you do not have an account, you can easily create one yourself.

After login, you now have access to our Design Tool, which you find in the top menu bar.

Enjoy this great new tool!