LOGSTOR Academy newsletter: The importance of the Academy certificate!

Dear Academy follower,

As well known, LOGSTOR Academy is in possession of numerous competencies used in different connections. Our main task, however, is training of installers and supervisors worldwide.

In previous newsletters, we have given you an in-depth presentation of our Academy set-up, where we also pointed out that the Academy headquarter is located in Løgstør, DK, and is to be considered the turning point for all Academy activities worldwide, with Birgitte Rönfeld as the main course coordinator.

Simply to refresh your memory, one of the most important strengths of our department is that we have created a uniform Academy with the goal to offer high level of education with one common concept for all LOGSTOR units.

And the reason for this is quite simple; the education of installers and supervisors must be the same no matter where in the world you participate in the course– this applies to both District Heating as well as Industry products.

Another important, if not the ultimate, strength is the LOGSTOR Academy certificate.


The concept and rules
Given that the practical installation of the different joints are done at a satisfying level and the theoretical test is passed, a LOGSTOR certificate is issued to the participant.

Regardless if it is an electronic or a pocket version, the certificate has a validity of 3 years and cannot be extended. A recertification is therefore required to achieve a new certificate with a validity of 3 years.

The issued certificate is the proof that the installer is trained in installing the specific joints mentioned on the certificate. Once achieved, the LOGSTOR Academy certificate indicates that the participant has been educated by the best instructors who are the essence of LOGSTOR's know-how and experience. So, as soon as we have issued the certificate, it automatically becomes our evidence to the fact that only the best people install our products in the field.

Demand the best
To complete proper installation or supervision on the job site, it is our wish that our customers will require that any installation of LOGSTOR products will be completed by certified installers and that the end customer or their advisor complete the LOGSTOR Academy supervision training.

We are essential for proper installation efficiency, long life of the pipe systems and a minimum of claims. The LOGSTOR Academy concept is perceived as the best in the business. So, for superior installation, you simply must demand the best!

We create value
The courses provided by LOGSTOR Academy differentiate from others in our business thus securing the probability for the customer of having flawless network. We minimize risk of failure due to wrong design, handling and installation. And equally important, this is the prerequisite that the life time of the network is as expected.

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