Listening to our customers – an important competence

Listening to our customers – an important competence

Listening to our customers – an important competence

To talk to customers, understand their needs and not at least to transform this into customer benefits and value is a major competence.
Peter Jorsal, Product Manager in LOGSTOR is such a person able to do that.

“For me customer benefits and values have to be seen in the long perspective. That means to look beyond the initial investment and to take the total cost of ownership – TCO - over the total lifetime of a pipe system into consideration” says Peter Jorsal.
“To support customers in their decisions we offer our customers on-line tools, which enable them to compare different types of pipe systems and calculate exact TCO, and savings in energy and CO2 based on their own project and assumptions”

When these decisions are taken and it comes to use and installation of the LOGSTOR pipe system another important part of the job of a Product Manager is to keep customers informed about practical changes of our products.
This to ensure that each component is handled and installed in the right way, which is the best condition for the planned long lifetime of our pipe systems.

“This is the things visible to our customers. What is in between is the internal work at LOGSTOR. My challenge is here to be able to communicate the ideas and demands from our customers to my colleagues first of all in our R&D department and often we need further investigations and discussions with customers to be sure that we have covered all angles of a need. Such dialogues are extremely important in our search for the optimal solutions” says Peter Jorsal. To this part also internal education of colleagues in especial sales, customer service and technical staff is an important issue.

Peter has the perfect back-ground for his position as Product Manager. Over the years he had several different positions within sales in LOGSTOR and has established an international network. This includes participation in business arrangements and work-shops within Danish District Heating Association, DBDH and Euroheat&Power.
“Every project is different and every country has their own challenges, and using the possibility to learn from best practice from other projects and countries and bringing it together is for me a big motivation” says Peter.

Before he joined LOGSTOR Peter worked six years as a consulting engineer in a medium sized company. Here he was involved in all kind of pipe systems related to building installations including heat systems.
He also took part in development and implementation of several green field district heating systems. By that he gained a very broad view on the overall concept for establishing as well as operation of a district heating plant and network.

When Peter goes for a break he get new energy from a golf tour which literally is in his backyard or he is heading for a run.