If Harald Bluetooth were alive today, his home would definitely be heated by district heating

During the last year, the heating utility Jelling Varmevaerk in Denmark has been installing a solar heating system, which is to deliver a significant part of the heat for more than thousand consumers in the town of Jelling.

Once the plant is in operation, it will for many years to come supply the citizens with heat, which is produced at a very low cost and at the same time fully sustainable with zero CO2 emission.

The solar heating plant has an area of 15.290 m2, and is expected to supply 23% of the heat demand in Jelling.

LOGSTOR has delivered the pre-insulated pipe system for connection of the panels in the field and the transmission line, which connect the solar heating plant with the existing district heating network and tanks for accumulation of hot water. The installation of the pipe system is however done by Tjaereborg Industri.

One of Jelling’s earliest residents was Harald Bluetooth, who was the first Danish king from the Viking period. Today, Jelling prides itself of having the famous runic-stones from his time, while the king’s fortress can only be limited to underground remains. Situated in the center of Jelling, it is certain that if both the fortress and the longhouses have survived until today, they would have been connected to district heating.