Constant Product Development Generates Savings for District Heating and Community Heating

Constant Product Development Generates Savings for District Heating and Community Heating

Improved insulation quality results in a reduced heat loss between the heating station and the consumer and so an overall better economy for District and Community Heating. The insulation value is precisely the core focus of the latest new development of LOGSTOR FlextraPipe, which now has the best insulation value in the market. With a service life of the pipe system exceeding 30 years the saved amount, accumulated over time, will be considerable with a positive effect on the investment.

The insulation in the pipes for District and Community heating consists of the so-called PUR-foam. Its properties are continuously being improved, and that means that we now have a lambda-value for FlextraPipe as low as 0.0207 W/mK.

In co-operation with suppliers, technological institutes and not least motivated by our customers’ needs the pre-insulated pipe system is subject to constant development. The improvement is the latest step in the product development which LOGSTOR has carried out since the foundation of the company more than 50 years ago.

When using FlextraPipe, the energy consumed to produce heat and so also the costs are reduced. Alternatively, the saved heat can be sold to new customers. In practice this means that with an unchanged heat production even more buildings and customers can be connected to the same heating system. Overall, this is an obvious improvement for the heating station’s operation, and regardless of the energy form – combined heat and power, surplus heat from industry, waste, gas, solar heat etc. – the use of energy resources must be efficient and diligent. This benefits/is beneficial to the economy and competitiveness of District and Community Heating, the economy in general, as well as the environment.

Each heating network has its own characteristics. To decide on the optimum network and dimensioning requires a specific calculation from project to project. LOGSTOR makes an online tool available to heating stations and consultants. On basis of the conditions and preconditions of each project, solutions with FlextraPipe and other pipe systems can be simulated. This gives the decision maker more scenarios and so the optimum basis for the final design of the heating network. The tool is named LOGSTOR Calculator and is available free of charge via

Measuring the insulation value requires special equipment and is usually done by external international test institutes. These external measurements are expensive and consequently made on a limited number of pipes. As the only manufacturer LOGSTOR has its own measuring facilities. They have been established and approved like the external measuring facilities. We are therefore able to supplement the external measurements with a large number of internal measurements what is an essential instrument in the continuous development of our products. At the same time our pipes from the production are tested on an ongoing basis. This gives us a clear documentation for the insulation value in our products complying with the customers’ requirements and expectations. The results are updated and are transparent to our customers on

The heat loss from the heating network diminishes relative to the pipe dimension. The larger the pipe, the smaller the relative heat loss. The effect of improved insulation is consequently largest in the smallest dimensions. In practice in branches and the outmost parts of the distribution network. LOGSTOR FlextraPipe is designed for these purposes.

Naturally, in our product development we strive to improve the insulation property of the entire product range. Results, production processes, and experience obtained from FlextraPipe are now part of the know-how on which we base our future developments in this field.

The objective is to make District Heating and Community Heating even more energy efficient and economical.

LOGSTOR is the world's leading manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating, district cooling, transportation of oil and gas and pipes for industrial purposes. For more than 50 years, we have built up experience in developing the pipe system in co-operation with our customers, taking into account the constant improved technological potential. In this way we contribute to create value for our customers and optimize their business.

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