Change in the Board of Directors

As of February 28, 2018 Triton, the Owner of LOGSTOR, has appointed Miguel Kohlmann as new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Miguel replaces Anders Thelin who has been Chairman of the Board of Directors since Triton took over LOGSTOR in 2013. At the same time Johan Pernvi will replace Anders Jonsson as Board Member. LOGSTOR has recently signed a new financing agreement with Nordea and in addition Triton, members of the Board of Directors and the senior management of LOGSTOR have strengthened LOGSTORs liquidity through an investment of DKK 160m in the company.

The investment and the refinancing significantly strengthen the Company's balance sheet. Lower financing costs and increased flexibility allows Logstor to execute on its five-year strategy and build on its market leading position in the coming years.

This has led to a new and extended time commitment for board members and therefore the decision was made to change the board as a new setup for the coming years. Both, Anders Thelin and Anders Jonsson, has done a great job as Board members and have been key figures in the process of the restart.